Attorneys can access SCED at

I. Registration Requirements/Eligibility

  • You must have a Georgia Bar membership number.
  • You must be an attorney in good standing both with the State Bar and the Supreme Court of Georgia.
  • Attorneys who are admitted pro hac vice for a particular case are also eligible but must contact the Clerk’s Office (404-656-3470) for instructions on use.
  • Law students and pro se litigants are not eligible users at this time.

II. Registering for SCED

  • You will need to register only once to use this system.
  • Click on Register and enter your Bar Membership number. You will see your current profile with the Supreme Court of Georgia. Check to see if all your information is correct and complete.
  • When you have successfully registered, you will see a notice that your registration is successful and should receive an email welcoming you to the SCED system.
  • If you enter an alternate email address for your administrative assistant, paralegal, or other selected individual in addition to you, he or she will also receive the email messages from the Court for your cases.
  • It is the registered user’s responsibility to keep the email address current and to insure that it is monitored regularly in order to receive notifications.

III. E-filing Instructional Videos

IV. How to Login to SCED and View Your Cases

  • When signing in, remember that your screen name is your bar number.
  • To view your cases, click on the E-FILE tab at the top of the page and then proceed to “View Cases and Submit Filings.”
  • If you click on Case Search, you will have several methods to search for a particular case. You can enter the case number, lower court case number, county name, or you can enter a portion of the style of the case.

V. Submit a Filing with a Case Number

  • Indicate what you are filing by selecting from the filing categories listed on the filing screen.
  • Do not file multiple documents as a single docket entry.
  • If e-filing a document with attachments/exhibits, scan the filing and attachments/exhibits as one document. In the event the pdf with combined exhibits is too large to upload (see section VII. Other Requirements), you may upload the main document and then e-file the exhibits as a separate filing.
  • After a transaction has been submitted in SCED, corrections to the document can only be made by the Clerk’s Office. The Clerk’s Office should be immediately notified of any mistakes by telephone at (404) 656-3470 or by clicking the “request assistance” button on the e-filing screen. The filer should not e-file a replacement document unless directed to do so.
  • Include a cover page for your e-filing, in conformity with Supreme Court Rule 18.
  • E-filings received by 11:59 p.m. will be considered filed that day.

VI. Submit a Filing without a Case Number

  • You may initiate a filing for the following matters:
    • Certiorari Petitions
    • Discretionary or Interlocutory Applications
    • Habeas Application (Certificate of Probable Cause to Appeal)
    • Voluntary Discipline Action
    • Impending Execution Matters Case
    • Emergency Petition Case
    • Original Petition Case
    • Time Extension Case

VII. Rules of Service

  • The email notification feature generated by the electronic filing system does not constitute service and does not replace the Supreme Court Rule 14 service requirements.

VIII. Electronic Signatures

  • Signatures must be scanned or in conformed format (s:\name).

IX. Other Requirements

  • All documents must be in pdf searchable format (300 dpi) and no larger than 40 MB.
  • The option to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) is available. Under Rule 5, the Clerk of the Supreme Court will be prohibited from receiving or filing an application, petition for certiorari or appellant’s brief in a direct appeal until the party submitting the document pays the required costs or provides sufficient evidence of “indigency.” A $10 convenience fee is added to all credit card payments automatically.
    • Any credit card refunds issued will not include the $10 convenience fee.
  • Technical failures caused by your hardware, software, or phone lines will not generally excuse an untimely filing.

Attorneys can access SCED at