NOTE: Oral argument walk-in admissions no longer accepted.

Applicant Eligibility – Rule 4. An attorney may apply for admission to the Bar of the Court if:

  • The attorney is in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia;
  • Two attorneys, already admitted to this Court, endorse that the attorney is of good private and professional character.

Admission Checklist.  An applicant must provide the Clerk with the following:

  • Application for Admission (click here)
  • The prescribed admission fee payable by credit card (see payment page), or by exact cash or check to: Clerk, Supreme Court of Georgia.

Admission. The applicant may be admitted (a) in open court; (b) in absentia if the Georgia attorney is residing outside of the state; or (c) by appointment in chambers upon the request to the Clerk by a Justice.

  1. Admission in Open Court.  Select a date from the oral argument dates listed on our website. E-mail the completed admission application to the Clerk’s office at  Applications must be received two (2) business days prior to your admission. The Clerk’s office will e-mail a confirmation when your admission form has been verified and processed. On the day of admission, bring the original application and payment (if paying with cash or by check) to the Clerk’s Office between 8:30 and 9:15 a.m. After your admission is processed, you will be directed to the courtroom (6th Floor, State Judicial Building) for the 10:00 a.m. admission ceremony. Afterwards, you will be required to sign the attorney roll book and will be presented with a wall license. Friends and family are welcome to take photographs during the ceremony, and you can purchase an admission ceremony DVD.  (click here)
  2. Admission In Absentia.  The Court allows active members of the State Bar of Georgia who reside out of the state to be admitted in absentia. Three items are required: payment of the required fee, the Application for Admission, and the Oath (click here) to be administered by an appellate judge or a judge of a court of record located in the state in which you reside, including your signed affirmation and the judge’s attestation. Please contact Joy Littlefield in the Clerk’s Office at (404) 463-1895 prior to submitting applications and oaths for admission in absentia. Mail the original forms to the Clerk. Upon receipt and approval by the Court, you will be mailed a wall license showing that you are admitted to the bar of this Court. Please note: The first time that you return to Georgia, you must make an appointment with the Clerk’s Office to sign the attorney roll book.
  3. Admission In-Chambers. Upon the request of a Justice, the Clerk will arrange for an in-chambers admission. Once scheduled, completed applications and payment are to be submitted to the Clerk’s Office no less than (1) business day prior to the admission date. Applications can be scanned and sent by e-mail to, and payments can be submitted on the Supreme Court of Georgia website using the “Chambers Only” option. On the day of the admission, arrive at the Clerk’s Office 15 minutes prior to your appointment, and bring your original signed application. (Payment will not be accepted on the day of admission).

Professional attire is required for any admission conducted in the courtroom or in chambers. See Rule 55 (2). If you do not appear for your admission, the Clerk’s office will strike the application, and you will be required to resubmit the application and the processing fee. All fees previously paid are non-refundable.