NOTE: Oral argument walk-in admissions no longer accepted.


Effective immediately, and continuing until further notice, applications for admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of Georgia are limited to lawyers who have a pending matter in this Court or anticipate that a matter will be pending either through the filing of a notice of direct appeal, application, petition, motion, or a certified question case. These applications must be submitted electronically, and payment must be made online via a credit card. Electronic signatures of applicants and sponsors are permitted.

** If you were already scheduled to be admitted on March 17th or 19th, your wall license will be sent to you once you sign and return the oath that has been e-mailed to you.

Applicant Eligibility – Rule 4. An attorney may apply for admission to the Bar of the Court if:

  • The attorney is in good standing with the State Bar of Georgia;
  • Two attorneys, already admitted to this Court, endorse that the attorney is of good private and professional character.

Admission Checklist.  An applicant must provide the Clerk with the following:

The prescribed admission fee payable by credit card (see payment page). E-mail the completed admission application to the Clerk’s office at The Clerk’s office will e-mail a confirmation when your admission form has been verified and processed. You will receive your wall license and instructions for signing the attorney roll book at a later date.