In response to the Chief Justice’s declaration Saturday, March 14 of a statewide judicial emergency, the Supreme Court of Georgia has determined the following:

  • The Supreme Court of Georgia will hold oral arguments via video conferencing the week of April 20. Using the video conferencing service, Zoom, Justices will hear arguments in 19 cases. In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, this is the first time in history the state’s highest court will hold a virtual court session. As normal, the session will be live-streamed over the Internet.
  • The declaration order automatically suspends filing deadlines in this Court until 11:59 p.m. on April 13, 2020, which is the date the order terminates;
  • When the order does expire, attorneys will have the same amount of time to file their documents that they had remaining at the time the order went into effect on March 14;
  • In the meantime, attorneys do not need to file an extension of time;
  • While the order is in place, failure to file certain documents that have specific deadlines, such as briefs, cannot be grounds for dismissing a case. However, the Court encourages parties to continue to file briefs and other documents when practicable, as the Court is continuing to work on cases.