Rule 34 (4) certificate of good faith

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An application filed by an attorney seeking to rely on the standard set forth in Rule 34 (4) must be accompanied by a certificate of good faith stating as follows:

“I, the undersigned attorney of record in the above-styled case, am a member of the State Bar of Georgia in good standing and make this certificate of good faith as required by Rule 34 of the Supreme Court of Georgia. I hereby certify that I am familiar with the trial court record in the above-styled case and, based on the record and my understanding of the applicable law, I have a good faith belief that this application has merit and that it is not filed for the purpose of delay, harassment, or embarrassment. I further certify that I have been authorized by my client, the applicant, to file this application. This the _______ day of ____________________, 20__.”

If the application is nevertheless found to be frivolous, a sanction of up to $2,500 may be imposed upon the attorney filing the application. See Rule 6.

If the application is determined to have possible merit by a majority vote of the Court, the Court will grant the application and direct that a notice of appeal be filed in ten days. Thereafter the appeal will proceed as any other appeal except that timely requested oral argument will be limited to ten minutes to the side. See Rule 54.