E-filing Tutorials – How to E-file a Brief or Motion

E-filing Tutorials – How to E-file a Brief or Motion 2017-07-18T21:34:32+00:00

1. Select the “View My Cases and Submit Filings” button.

2. Select the picture of a blue letter to the left of the case number to submit a filing.

3. You may also select the case style and then click “Submit Filing.”

4.  Choose the proper “Party,” “Filing Category,” and “Filing Type” from the drop-down list.

Note: If e-filing a document with attachments/exhibits, when possible, please scan the filing and attachments/exhibits as one document.

5. Select “Browse” to select the PDF for upload.

Note: The file may not be larger than 40 MB and must be a PDF searchable file.

6. After selecting your file, click “Enter.”

Note: If you are e-filing the Brief of Appellant, you will be prompted to pay costs or to submit an affidavit of poverty in accordance with Supreme Court of Georgia Rule 5.

7. You will see a confirmation screen once your filing has been successfully submitted.