E-filing Tutorials – How to E-file a Disciplinary Action

E-filing Tutorials – How to E-file a Disciplinary Action 2017-07-18T21:34:33+00:00

1. Select the “File a Case” button and choose “File a Disciplinary Action.”

2. Type in the name of the attorney in the blank after “In the Matter of.”

3. Type in the Special Master Report Filed Date.

4. Choose the classification from the drop down list.

5. Type in the State Disciplinary Board Number(s) and select Add.

6. Select “Browse” to upload the filing. The file must be in searchable PDF format. Once your filing is selected, choose “Next.”

Note: If your filing is larger than 40 MB, you may add additional filings by clicking “Next.”

7. Enter the attorney information for all parties.

8. The Coordinating Special Master information is automatically filled.

9. Select the check box to add a special master.

Note: You may also add a party at this time, if needed.

10. At this time, review the information and make any corrections if needed.

11. Select “File an Additional Filing With This Case” to upload any additional filings, such as exhibits.

12. Select “Submit Disciplinary Action” (or choose “Back” if you need to make any additional changes).

13. When your action has been filed successfully, you will see the screen below. When your filing is processed by the Clerk’s Office, you will be notified by e-mail.