Atlanta, January 24, 2016 – The Supreme Court of Georgia will hold a Special Session today at
1:30 p.m. to congratulate our Atlanta Falcons and wish them the best in their quest for a Super
Bowl victory. The unconventional Special Session will precede today’s afternoon session of oral
arguments, which begins at 2. – LIVE ORAL ARGUMENTS

While our staid court is always gaveled in with “All rise,” today that will come with a twist.

All media are welcome. This should provide quick, easy video and good still shots. For this
Special Session, the Court has determined that cameras may be anywhere in the courtroom. The
session will begin right at 1:30, so media should arrive by 1:15 but no later than 1:20 so you can
capture the formal entrance of the nine justices as they enter the courtroom. You should be done
by 1:45. We will post video and a photo on our website later today for those of you in other parts
of the state. For any questions, please call the Public Information Office.

This is a first for the state’s highest court.