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Case Number: S09G0990
Status: Remittitur
Style: Huff, Tax Commr. v. Harpagon Company, LLC
Description: Civil - Granted Certiorari
Docket Date: March 5, 2009
Calendar: September 2009
Oral Argument Date: September 9, 2009 **This date is not official until the Court Calendar is transmitted to the parties.
County Location: Muscogee
Lower Court Numbers: SU07CV17

Date Filings & Motions Date Orders
June 5, 2009 APPELLANT - Brief of Appellant
June 26, 2009 APPELLEE - Brief of Appellee

Disposition Date: March 22, 2010
Affirmed in part; reversed and remanded in part
All the Justices concur.

Name Type Address Phone
James Clinton Clark, Jr. Appellant PAGE, SCRANTOM, SPROUSE, TUCKER & FORD
1111 Bay Avenue 3rd Floor
Columbus, Georgia 31901
(706) 324-0251
Travis Carlisle Hargrove Appellant PAGE, SCRANTOM, SPROUSE, TUCKER & FORD PC
P.O. Box 1199
Columbus, Georgia 31901
(706) 324-0251
Cristine Lise Patterson Appellee ALDRIDGE CONNORS LLP
780 Johnson Ferry Road Suite 600
Atlanta, Georgia 30342
(678) 894-3400
Robert J. Proctor Appellee
475 Huntcliff Green
Atlanta, Georgia 30350
(678) 800-1757