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Clerk's Office

The Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of Georgia is the public office of the Court. The Clerk's office receives, processes, and maintains permanent records of appeals, State Bar Disciplinary cases, Fitness Board matters, and is the repository of the rules of practice of other courts and other official documents filed with the Court. It is the goal of the Clerk's office to serve the Court and the public with pride and efficiency, respect and a spirit of public service. We aim to be courteous, helpful, professional and consistent.

In order to carry out these functions, the Clerk's Office employs the following people:

Therese "Tee" Barnes, Clerk
DUTIES: The Clerk of Court is appointed by the Supreme Court Justices. The Clerk is responsible for overseeing the performance of statutory duties as set out by OCGA § 15-2-43, preparing the Court calendar, preparing and maintaining records of administrative orders, as well as managing the administrative functions of the Court, including supervisory authority over technology, purchasing, payroll, and court facilities. The Clerk also communicates with parties and the public.

Tia C. Milton, Chief Deputy Clerk
DUTIES: Assistant to Clerk. Supervisor of court docket and docket clerks. Enters rulings and judgments. State Bar Disciplinary docket. Appeals from Board to Determine Fitness of Bar Applications, Board of Bar Admissions and Judicial Qualifications. Applications for Discretionary and Interlocutory Appeal.
Capital Case Clerk .

Pamela M. Fishburne, Deputy Clerk
DUTIES: Assistant to the Chief Deputy Clerk. Habeas Corpus Docket Clerk. Motions for Reconsideration.

Adrian Woods, Docket Clerk and Records Manager
DUTIES: Certiorari Docket Clerk. Maintains Court Records with supervisory responsibility for records room.

Tori Little, Docket Clerk
DUTIES: Direct Appeals Docket Clerk.

Regina Jones, Director of Fiscal Services
DUTIES: Payroll and employee benefits. Court accounts and Court budget.

Bob McAteer, Director of Technology Services
DUTIES: Responsible for implementing, managing and coordinating technology projects, policies and procedures related to the Court.

Kevin Teng, Network Systems Analyst
DUTIES: Assistant to Director of Technology. Maintains courtroom technology systems.